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This site has a collection of free innovative trading strategies.  You will find valuable resource pages for trading futures, commodities, currencies and stocks.  Learn how to create trading strategies.  Each page is intended to provide ideas for new trading strategies.

Here is a real world example.  I have used mosaic insights to combine two trading methodologies into one.  At one point in my trading career, I had started to concentrate on using Market Profile for trading.  Market Profile was invented by J. Peter Steidlmayer.  Mr. J. Peter Steidlmayer is a former pit trader in the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).  I find Market Profile's concept on Horizontal Development to be good.  Horizontal Development is Market Profile terminology for describing range trading where you sell near the top of the range and buy near the bottom of the range.

However, I didn't find Market Profile to be particularly good at trading Vertical Developments.  Vertical Development is Market Profile terminology for describing when price break-outs or break-downs from a range.

To improve my trading when markets are in vertical developments, I switch over to ACD Methodology during these times. ACD Methodology was invented by Mark B. Fisher.  Mr. Mark B. Fisher is a former pit trader in the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX).  ACD Methodology is good when markets are in vertical developments.

Trading Insight:

By assembling pieces of trading strategies from two renowned traders, I was able to combine them into one personalized trading strategy and it becomes uniquely mine.

Everyone can become a better trader if they use this approach.  Break down different successful trading strategies into smaller segments and re-assemble the different parts of various trading strategies into one unique strategy that will fit into their trading style.

The collection of innovative trading strategies provided here is FREE for anyone to use as a stepping stone to generate ideas for developing their own unique trading strategies.  That's right, you don't have to pay anything.  If you are feeling generous however, link back to this page so other people can find and use trading ideas provided here as a resource page to develop their own trading strategies too.


Table of Contents

Internet Stock Trading - how to trade stocks online using the internet How to get started with internet stock trading.  Be prepared and trade like a stock market professional.  Find the best strategies for stock market trading.

How to do Short Covering Squeezes New trading strategy for profiting on short covering squeezes.  How to spot when a stock is about to get short squeezed.  What your stockbrokers don�t tell you.
Market Profile Intro Eveything you wanted to know about Market Profile trading and more.  How to trade the Value Area.  Steidlmayer became a successful trader with Market Profile.

ACD Method Intro Everything you wanted to know about ACD Method trading and more.  What ACD Method traders look for in a trade.  How Mark Fisher developed the trading principals on his ACD Methodology.

High Dividend Stocks Top dividend paying stocks and list of highest dividend yields.  More than 10% yield.

Ex-Dividend Calendar Find good paying yields from cash dividends stocks.  Free list of upcoming dividend payments over next week.  Collect cash dividend income from stock market.

Gold Coins Best way to buy gold online.  Safe and convenient way to get gold delivery shipped right to your doorsteps.  Learn easiest way to make money trading gold.

Blog What do Online Traders think about?  Blog posts on creating a website to share trading insights for stocks, forex and futures trading.

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