How to make money buying Gold Bullion Coins

Learning how to trade gold can turn out to be a lucrative investment.  There are several ways to trade gold:

1. Gold Futures Contracts
2. Gold ETF
3. Numismatic Gold Coins
4. Gold Bullion Bars
5. Gold Bullion Coins

The best way for beginners to start trading gold is with gold bullion coins.  Trading gold bullion coins is more preferable in comparison to the other 4 gold trading methods.  The other four methods require more gold trading experience in order to avoid common pitfalls.

Numismatic gold coins are collectible (and sometimes very old) coins whose value surpasses that of their actual metallic content.  Numismatics gold coins can appreciate more rapidly than gold itself, but are often subject to a high mark-up from coin dealers.

Gold bullion bars are bars of pure metal.  Their value is reflected in their weight.  Although gold bars are often marked for authenticity, they are easier to counterfeit than coins.  They are easier to pack with fillers to create fake gold bars by substituting it with gold-plated tungsten bars.  You should only buy gold bars from reputable dealers.

Gold bullion coins are recently minted coins.  Their value reflects their weight and a small markup.  If you are trading a small amount of gold at a time, then buying gold bullion coins would be both convenient and easy way to store gold as a hard physical asset.

Gold Bullion Coins samples

Learn to recognize these gold bullion coins.  They can be traded profitably as the price of gold fluctuates.  This gives you opportunities to buy at lower price and sell them back onto the market at a higher price.

Krugerrand (22 karats, 91.60% pure gold, 1 oz gold coin) Krugerrand Gold Coins


Austrian Philharmonic (24 karats, 99.99% pure gold, 1 oz gold coin)
Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin


Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (24 karats, 99.99% pure gold, 1 oz gold coin)
Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin


American Gold Eagle (22 karats, 91.60% pure gold, 1 oz gold coin)
American Gold Eagle Coin American Gold Eagle Coin

Here are two resources that provide market pricing on gold bullion coins.  By watching the price of spot gold, you can accumulate gold bullion coins when they are cheap.

  1. Nucleo Exchange
  2. Gold Bullion Coin premiums over spot gold price


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