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I prefer to upgrade my computer than do a complete system replacement.  The trading game requires us to have the latest and greatest computers.  It's a never ending cycle of upgrading.  Personally, I like to put it off as long as possible.  Replacing a complete computer system is a pain.  You will have to re-install all your software, transfer all your data from your old computer to your new computer, and spend time customizing all your settings again on the new computer.

On the bright side, the good news is computer equipments are tax deductible for all qualified full time traders.  Here are some toys for upgrading so you can put off replacing your complete computer system as long as possible.

Solid State Hard Drive

Posted on: Aug. 27, 2011

Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) is the next generation of hard drives made for traders.  It is faster and more durable than the traditional hard drives.  Your trading and charting platform will run much faster with these type of drives.  It also cut down your windows boot up time by 50%.  There's no moving parts in SSD hard drives, so it can run 5 times faster.

This type of hard drives do not require a mechanical arm and a spinning disk.  There is less chance of your hard drive crashing from wear and tear.  Because it doesn't have mechanical parts, it is also lighter and runs cooler.

The Kingston 128GB Solid State Drive has a limited time rebate offer.  You can knock off an additional $50.  Made sure that you download and mail in the rebate form in time to qualify.

The Samsung 256GB Solid State Drive has a sturdy brushed metal hard shell case to protect it from shock, dust, and corrosion.  It is great for your laptop because it extends your laptop battery.  It uses two-third less power than the traditional hard drive.



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