Detailed chart analysis of past trading action
Identified where reversion and break-out trading occurred

The image below is the chart of PowerShares QQQ Trust ( Nasdaq Ticker Symbol: QQQ ).

It is a multi-days chart showing Composite Time Price Opportunity (TPO) Profile on the left side and Composite Volume Profile on the right side.

This is an unique charting technique and requires some explanation on how to read the chart.

This chart shows more information than the conventional graphical chart.  Reading this chart will stimulate your whole brain.  The left hemisphere of your brain which is responsible for logical, rational and analytical functions will be engaged by the numerical data portion of the chart. The right hemisphere of your brain which is responsible for the intuitive and subjective functions will be engaged by the graphical portion of the chart.  This gives you an advantage of engaging your whole mind when it comes to trading instead of using just a section of it.

Showing Time Price Opportunity (TPO) Profile side-by-side to Volume Profile gives you a quick synopsis of

  1. which price levels received the most trading volume
  2. at what time during the trading session had it traded there
  3. how many times it had backfilled to those price levels
  4. where reversion trades worked for traders fading the move as price traded back and forth to form a cluster node
  5. see where and when break-out trades occurred as price spends very little time trading there

(Click on image below to bring up thumbnail and enlarge the chart.)

PowerShares QQQ Trust QQQ TPO Volume Composite Profile chart


  1. VAH = Value Area High
  2. VAL = Value Area Low
  3. POC = Point of Control (i.e. where most of the trading volume had occurred)
  4. VWAP = Volume-Weighted Average Price
  5. BOO = Break-out Octet. Minimum stop loss risk on false break-outs
  6. BDO = Break-down Octet. Minimum stop loss risk on false break-downs
  7. Each TPO letter represents half hour intervals
  8. TPO letter A marks the beginning of the regular trading session
  9. TPO letter M marks the end of the regular trading session

PowerShares QQQ Index ETF Profile and Fundamental Analysis

PowerShares QQQ

The PowerShares QQQ Trust is a unit investment trust that is designed to match the price and the yield performance of the Nasdaq-100 Index.  It holds all of the stocks in the Nasdaq-100 Index.

Distributions by the PowerShares QQQ Trust are made on a quarterly basis.  The ex-dividend date coincides with the expiration of the Nasdaq Futures contract.  The last ex-dividend date for the QQQ was on Dec 21, 2012 and the next QQQ ex-dividend date is tentatively scheduled for Mar 15, 2013.

PowerShares QQQ's top ten holdings are:

  1. Apple Inc.
  2. Microsoft Corp.
  3. Oracle Corp.
  4. Google Inc.
  5. Intel Corp.
  6. Qualcomm Inc.
  7. Amazon Inc.
  8. Cisco Systems Inc.
  9. Amgen Inc.
  10. Comcast Corp.


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