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Blog Posted on: Mar. 13, 2012

President Obama announced on national television that the United States, the European Union and Japan have joined forces to launch a WTO case against China.  The three nations are accusing China of hoarding rare earth metals.

Rare earths are used in making smartphones, car batteries, superconductors, magnets, electronic polishers, luminescent materials, lasers, optical-fiber communication systems, welding, night vision goggles, range finders and radar.

When a government says there's a shortage, it pays to listen.  There's money to be made by owning Rare Earth metals.  It can take up to two years before WTO decides on a ruling.  In the meanwhile, this can lead to large price swings on the commodity.  Unfortunately, there is no Futures contract on Rare Earth, so you cannot take delivery of the commodity.  This leaves only mining companies as an trading vehicle.  I'm not particularly fond of mining companies because they tend to over exaggerate their deposits and can leave their investors holding an empty bag if it doesn't pan out.  These stocks are highly speculative.

Here is a free list of speculative Rare Earth stocks:

Ticker Decription Exchange Alkane Resources Ltd. ASX Arafura Resources ASX
AHC.v Artha Resource Corp. TSXV Astron Ltd. ASX
ATT.v Atocha Resource Inc. TSXV Aurizon Mines Ltd. TSX Avalon Rare Metals Inc. TSX Azimut Exploration Inc. TSX
DIA.v Big Red Diamond Corporation TSXV
CAY.v Cache Exploration TSXV
CJC.v Canada Gas Corp. TSXV
CIN.v Canada International Minerals Inc. TSXV
CO.v Canadian Orebodies Inc. TSXV
CVV.v CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. TSXV
KPS.v Capella Resources Ltd. TSXV
CCE.v Commerce Resources Corp. TSXV
ABN.v Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc. TSXV
CGP.v Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc. TSXV
CMA.v Cream Minerals Limited TSXV
CRE.v Critical Elements Corporation TSXV
DAC.v Dacha Capital inc. TSXV
EPL.v Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. TSXV
EMI.v Electric Metals Inc. TSXV Etruscan Resources Inc. TSX
FLX.v Fieldex Exploration Inc. TSXV
MCI.v First Lithium Resources Inc. TSXV
FMS.v Focus Metals Inc. TSXV
FDC.v Forum Uranium Corp. TSXV Frontier Rare Earths TSX
GAX.v Galahad Metals Inc. TSXV
GMA.v Geomega Resources Inc. TSXV Globex Mining Enterprises Inc. TSX
GCU.v Gold Canyon Resources Inc. TSXV Goldstake Explorations Inc. TSX
GWG.v Great Western Minerals Group Limited TSXV Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. ASX
MCP Molycorp NYSE
REE Rare Earth Elements AMEX
REMX Market Vectors Rare Earths/Strategic Metals NYSE


ASX = Australian Securities Exchange (Australia)
TSX = Toronto Stock Exchange (Canada)
TSXV = TSX Venture Exchange (Canada)
NYSE = New York Stock Exchange (USA)
AMEX = American Stock Exchange (USA)


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